Best of 2019

Some of our favorites from 2019 and some words to go with them. We shot our first wedding in June of 2010. Nearly a decade of weddings under the belt. Never thought we'd be doing this but every year as we reflect on things we're so deeply grateful for the people we've met and friendships we've made. For the conversations with mothers and dads and groomsmen and bridesmaids that were meaningful and insightful. Now with a decade to look back on, we've got some thoughts. Weddings are pretty rad with the beautiful locations and epic light. So are cameras and gear, we just got our hands on a medium format camera now and whoa. But more than any of that are the people. To be totally honest, before we started photographing weddings we had a pretty limited perspective on people. Maybe it was sheltered, I don't know. But we had a very small minded viewpoint on the world around us. As the years of photographing weddings went on and we were invited into peoples days from all around the world, we began noticing how different these people were from us, and yet there was also a major trend that couldn't be ignored: love. Not just between the couples making the vows, but primarily the family and friends around them, the community. All the years of shooting now have shown us both that people have an incredible capacity to love each other. I've been shown what it means to be family, to love a friend, to endure hardship, to be in the moment. More lessons than we can count, from people that have far different views than us, on love. And that's what I'm most thankful for. That this job has exposed that part of humanity to us that we would've been unaware of or ignorant about. Katie and I are both deeply grateful reflecting on these ten years. They've changed us for the better. Thank you to everybody who ever trusted us with our cameras.