We are Tyler & Katie Branch, photographers based around the Los Angeles area shooting together as well as individually. We’ve been professionally photographing weddings for over ten years and have collectively shot over 450 weddings. During that time we’ve had the opportunity to shoot in 19 states domestically and 11 countries internationally. We wanted to share a bit about our philosophy with regards to weddings in hopes that you connect with us about what’s important. 

The passing of time has always been such a powerful component to what motivates us to photograph weddings. As nostalgic people, we find ourselves looking back and wishing we could revisit all the best times from the past. Life is so beautiful and precious and unfortunately, short. It’s something we find wanting to stop or slow down so often.

It’s with this filter that we approach weddings. We care deeply for this moment in your life and want you to relive it through our perspective. And while the images are paramount, the experience you have with us is also something we deeply value. Weddings carry enough stresses with them, so we pride ourselves on creating a space for couples that’s relaxed and easy. Enjoying your day with the closest people in your life is something we want for you both and so we’re always striving to create a carefree environment that ushers that mood in. 

When the dust of the planning and wedding day has settled, we’re hoping the images we create can serve as an heirloom. So that maybe the time will slow down. Bringing you, and the people in your life back in a powerful way. Year after year.